Grading Scale

Please find the grade description of our golf balls. At we strive to offer the finest
recycled golf balls available. We believe that our eco-sensitive cleaning process is all the golf ball needs. We do not refinish, refurbish, strip or paint our golf balls. At we process to ensure the performance and integrity of all our golf balls are maintained.

A Grade Golf Balls:

The condition of this grade of the golf ball will look and feel like new. This grade of the golf ball will show some wear but very little. The golf ball may have inked player makings. Most A grade golf balls will look and perform like new.

A/BGrade Golf Balls:

This grade of golf balls is a combination of our grade A and B. We offer this grade as a value-added product utilizing a mixture of grade A and B. Our Grade A/B will be comprised of mostly durable popular mixed models that provide excellent value.

B Grade Golf Balls:

The condition of the B grade golf ball will appear and perform like an A grade golf ball except for small blemishes, slight discoloration and less shine. Player marks and logo may and will be present. You will find that this grade of golf ball will compare to competitor’s top grade. This is our best value