About Us

Sunshine Golf Balls is a 30+year-old Mesa Arizona used, recycled golf ball company that provides the finest quality used golf balls anywhere. We have always utilized an Eco-friendly processing center allowing used golf balls to retain their original luster and performance. Providing millions of recycled golf balls to companies worldwide, we are making it available direct to you the highest quality at more than half the cost of new. Many will try to sell you golf balls with descriptions such as Refinished Golf Balls, Recycled Golf Balls, Pre-Owned Golf Balls or Used Golf Balls. You can be assured that you will receive the finest quality recycled golf balls available anywhere. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. All golf balls are used after the first tee!

Our used golf balls are retrieved and contracted with some of the finest golf courses across the country. The foundation of the recovered golf balls is based in the nation's Southwest, an area long regarded as providing some of the most pristine recovered golf balls available. We have long-running agreements with a select group of recovery companies to provide similar quality used golf ball products. This formula of a solid foundation and discretionary agreements assures you the consistent quality.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed at 100%. Our family-owned business has seen a lot of changes in the golf industry and now is glad to offer you the opportunity to buy direct. There is a difference is used golf balls and allow us to let a little "Sunshine" into the quality of your recycled golf balls.