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Go Green on the Green with Recycled Golf Balls from Sunshine Golf:

Go green on the green with recycled golf balls from Sunshine Golf, a longstanding family-owned Arizona business that’s been recycling golf balls for more than two decades. While other companies have recently jumped on the eco-friendly golf cart, so to speak, Sunshine Golf has been retrieving and cleaning up golf balls for re-use since 1987. As pioneers in our field, our business began by cleaning golf balls in the family washing machine in the garage – but we have long since outgrown the garage. We now operate out of a Mesa-based facility that has sold more than 100 million recycled golf balls, averaging between 12 and 15 million every year. Our golf balls can be found at many major retailers in-store and online, as well as directly to the consumer.

We credit our success as one of the largest golf ball recyclers in the world to several factors. For one, we are eco-friendly in all we do. Even the secret family cleaning solution we use is environmentally safe. Our second reason is our commitment to customer service. We are up-front, honest and eager to please. It’s easy to please when you’re supplying recycled golf balls at a savings of more than 50% off new balls. Finally, we are downright picky. We use a tightly regulated grading process to ensure only the most exceptional golf balls get through. Our balls are never refurbished or altered, only spiffed up, packed up and shipped out via FedEx or UPS – just in time for tee time.